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graphicalcola's Journal

Graphical Cola
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Just what the hell is going on here, anyway?!?
Okay, so one day nevadafighter decided to make an icon journal called dramaticons, and there was much rejoicing. Only not, because the layout used to be pink and it was all skary and fug. But after subjecting the internets to many many many little pictures of David Caruso, she figured out how to make the icons not so fug. Her shadow infiniterider was so amused by the making of icons that she created her own icon journal, which she promptly ignored, because Photoshop was foreign and weird and skary. So infiniterider allowed xsunniconsx to languish in obscurity.

Meanwhile, dramaticons was picking up a nice little following by featuring lots of icons of a very popular crime drama that featured a Who song and a couple zillion pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses. It was picking up so much of a following, in fact, that hotlinking brats from various fanboards and stupid elite icon drama
destroyed any joy nevadafighter got from the damn things. In spite of switching fandoms, the muse stalled, and she turned her attention to a fanart project she'd been thinking about for a century.

GraphicalCola was opened to showcase nevadafighter's photoediting skills, in much the way DoubleObsession was opened to showcase infiniterider's written works. Things went along swimmingly for a while, when they both got bitten by the Photoshop bug. In a fit of mond-boggling inspiration, nevadafighter thought it would be an excellent time to merge their icon making powers into one. Actually, she just wanted to help infiniterider get over her ph34r of Photoshop, and maybe get more comments in her inbox. rofl.
I can has important infos plz??
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